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Measurement Tool

2. Person-centered Perioperative Nursing (PCPON)

PCPON scale consists of 20 items. Through EFA, five factors, compassionate interaction, respect, providing comfort, information sharing, and nursing expertise, were derived. The responses to each item are either 1 (Not at all), 2 (A little bit), 3 (Moderately), 4 (Quite a bit) or 5 (Very much). The total PCPON score can be between 20 and 100.

‣ Summary

 - Developed in 2019

 - Authors: Soyeung Shin, Jiyeon Kang

 - Objective: To measure person-centered perioperative nursing

 - Languages

     Original language: Korean

​     Translations: English

 - Scoring

     Scoring scale = 5-point Likert scale (1=Not at all ~ 5=Extremely)

     Total score = 20~100

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