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Measurement Tool

1. Post-intensive Care Syndrome Questionnaire (PICSq)

PICSQ included three factors: mental, cognitive, and physical areas. The total number of items was 18, with six items for each factor. The time required for an ICU survivor to respond to PICSQ was less than 5 min. The responses to each item are either 0 (Never), 1 (Sometimes), 2 (Most often), or 3 (Always). The total PICSQ score can be between 0 and 54, and the mean can be between 0 and 3.

‣ Summary

 - Developed in 2019

 - Authors: Yeon Jin Jeong, Jiyeon Kang

 - Objective: To assess post-intensive care syndrome in intensive care survivors

 - Languages

     Original language: Korean

​     Translations: English

 - Scoring

     Scoring scale = 4-point Likert scale (0=Never ~ 3=Always)

     Total score = 0~54

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